Receive our cash price and get a 6¢ per gallon rebate with the:
Speed up your purchase

Save on gas and diesel, at any Perky Pantry, when you join our “Return and Earn” loyalty program.

Purchase fuel, or merchandise inside the store, and earn cents-off-per gallon savings on future fuel purchases. Swipe and Save, it’s that simple!

Swipe your “Return & Earn” card before you make purchases in the store or at the pump to earn cents-off-per-gallon on your gas and diesel purchases at any Perky Pantry.

Redeem your rewards on your next purchase or let them build up to redeem all at once. You have 90 days until your oldest rewards start to expire. Earn up to $3 per gallon savings on up to 20 gallons. That’s a potential savings of $60. Rewards earned show at the bottom of your sales receipts.

“Ten days ago I redeemed my loyalty rewards for $2.17 off per gallon on 20 gallons of gas. (That’s a savings of $43.40). I only paid $1.67 per gallon! The program has benefitted me quite well.”


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No registration is necessary. Start swiping and saving right away! You can register your card if you choose, however, which allows you to view your history of rewards earned and redeemed. Simply click on the link on our home page titled “loyalty balance” to register your card and view your rewards balance.